FINALLY... Leverage Your Existing (and New!) Content to Drive Organic Traffic from Every Platform that Matters

The Single BIGGEST Challenge Online Businesses Face Today

No one reads anymore.

The days of simple blogging are over.

Content marketing is... oversaturated. Overused. Overdone.

Today, simply publishing a blog post has zero value – unless it's seen and shared.

Today, (if you actually want to generate free, targeted traffic) you have to do more.

There's just one problem...

Most people who create content to market their businesses are still acting like it's 2010.

They're like that ostrich with their head stuck in the sand... unwilling to admit that content marketing has changed.

Your Business Needs You to Know the Difference Between What Used to Work... and What Actually Works Today

It’s time to do what successful business owners have always done: acknowledge, adjust, and accelerate.

But HOW?...

How do you build a "machine" that turns content into free, targeted traffic?

That's exactly why I created Content Boomerang!

QUIT WASTING time  creating brand new content (that no one will read…) and start driving traffic to your existing content and converting it into leads and customers!



Michael Stelzner

Founder of Social Media Examiner

"If you want to be successful with content repurposing, Ana Hoffman is the expert. Take her course, study under her wisdom."

Creating content (blog posts, podcasts, videos, articles, and so forth) is still the only viable way for a business to reach potential customers.

However, allowing that content to get buried in the website archives, while creating more and more new content... is like getting on a treadmill hoping it takes you places.

That kind of content creation costs you time and money, yet takes your business nowhere.

Let's fix that.

What exactly will Content Boomerang teach you?

It'll show you, step by step, with videos, screenshots, and clear written instructions, how to:

  • pick the best content to repurpose
  • turn it into a bite-sized outline
  • optimize it to be found in Google
  • import it into PowerPoint or Keynote in under 30 seconds
  • pretty it up with images, fonts, and colors
  • add a Call to Action to bring traffic back to your website
  • save it as a PDF to publish to SlideShare, Scribd, and similar sites
  • save it as a video for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth
  • save it as images to add to blog posts, share on social media, etc
  • ...and more.

What if you are not a techie?

Many Content Boomerang Students start with zero understanding of content repurposing and no prior experience with designing visual content or creating slide decks.

I'll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to do every single step. You'll even get to watch me repurpose content firsthand!

Who is Content Boomerang for?

If you are a time-strapped business owner who creates any type of content in hopes to generate traffic, leads, and customers with little to nothing to show for it, then Content Boomerang Training is ideal for you.

How time-consuming is it?

Well, let me ask you this: what is your time worth? 

$50 per hour? $100? More?...

If your time is worth $100 per hour and you spend 10 hours creating an epic blog post, that blog post cost you $1,000 to create... and what do you get in return?

With Content Boomerang and all its time-saving and mistake-saving checklists, you will easily turn your blog post into multiple revenue channels.


I will teach you to turn the blog post into a slide deck that you can publish on SlideShare.

Now, you've turned your $1,000 piece of content into two pieces in almost no time!

Another 5 minutes, and you have a video made from the slide deck (with Content Boomerang, you can do that) - three pieces of content for the price of one!

Each time your blog post gets repurposed, that initial $1,000 investment is significantly reduced... the more you repurpose, the less time and money you spend and the more traffic, leads, and sales you get - all from the same piece of content!

Content Boomerang translates into real money and time savings AND greater reward in traffic and sales.

So.... what's your time worth?

And what could you be doing that's more meaningful with all the time Content Boomerang will give you back?...

Finally, You'll Have a Step-By-Step Content Repurposing System, Content Boomerang, for Turning Your Content into FREE ORGANIC TRAFFIC



Results You Can Expect 


Did you know that 70% of all content published is NEVER linked to from another domain? In other words, if your blog post has more than ZERO backlinks... well, you are doing pretty well!


The good GREAT news is content repurposing is the most effortless way to improve your search engine rankings.

Every time you publish repurposed content, you get at least one backlink to your site.

In other words, publish ONE piece of recontent = earn ONE backlink = you are ALREADY ahead of 70% of all published content!

Even more importantly, SEO today isn't just about Google.

Modern website owners understand that their prospects are looking for them across ALL search channels, and, fortunately, that's exactly what I teach in Content Boomerang.

More referral traffic

Now that your content isn't confined to your blog archives, it'll get found by more and more people.

Findability equals visibility.

Visibility is rewarded with quotes, mentions, links, which translate into free referral TRAFFIC.

be everywhere your audience is

Modern consumers are omni-channel. They search, learn, and buy everywhere.

The more content you publish on platforms they spend time on, the more visible you become.

It doesn't matter if they come to your website right away or not - they now perceive you as a niche expert.

And when they DO need what you offer, you just might be the first one they come to.

That’s the TRUE power of repurposed content: being recognized as THE one with a solution to a problem.


I'm NOT going to spend time convincing you of the importance of content repurposing...

The fact is 95% of successful marketers are using some form of content repurposing to get their content in front of their potential customers.

Ahem!... YOUR potential customers.

And the longer you wait to do the same, the farther behind you fall. content repurposing is quite simply unavoidable.

And why would you want to avoid it?

Content repurposing gives you exactly the edge you need - it ensures your prospects find YOU (instead of your competitors)!

FACT: Content Repurposing Delivers Traffic, Leads, and Customers: the Lifeblood of Any Business... YOUR Business

Linda M. Lopeke

With so much noise in the various social media channels, long videos and copy-heavy images tend to be ignored. But clever, concise, easily consumable content matching your brand personality can improve visibility, stop the scroll, and help you reach all new audiences for your creative work.

Looking for ways to use social media more effectively? Ready to ban boring? Look no further than Ana Hoffman’s course, Content Boomerang.

Ana shows you how to use your original content to create presentations, clips, captions (and more) to naturally extend your brand, increase traffic, and amplify your presence online.

All while saving you a ton of time since you’ll be learning how to easily create visually interesting content from work you’ve already done.

Join Content Boomerang TODAY and Get...


Eight Modules packed with videos, screenshots, clear written instructions, and examples. Everything you need to know and nothing you don't.


These comprehensive Checklists make it easy to finish tasks quickly and efficiently. I don't just teach you the theory of content repurposing... I show you, step-by-step, how to actually get stuff DONE.


Marketing industry never sleeps, and neither do I! ;) I am constantly researching and creating new and innovative strategies to repurpose content and updating Content Boomerang Training accordingly. You’ll have access to all updates for the lifetime of the course.


Ask questions, network, and exchange ideas with thousands of smart, generous digital marketers and business owners who have been in your shoes. With members in virtually every industry (and every country on the globe), you're sure to find someone who "gets you."


I'll be right there with you every step of the way. Always accessible via email or Messenger, ready to respond to questions, or even make suggestions on your latest project.

Breanna Gunn

Virtual Assistant

I have easily spent a few thousand dollars on courses that did NOTHING for my business. 

Content Boomerang is easily worth 3 times what I paid.

Every.Single.Lesson was easily applicable to my business, and I’m not even finished yet!

Hurry! Enrollment 

will close in...


Ian Cleary

"If you're tired of the pressure of delivering new content all the time, you need to check out Ana's awesome course! Its step-by-step instructions on how to breathe new life into your existing content will result in you expanding your audience, driving more traffic to your website, and saving a lot of time."

My 30-day Money Back Guarantee

I am confident this content repurposing training is the BEST on the market, and I'd love for you to see it for yourself! That's why I back my Content Boomerang Training with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you work through the sessions and find the content doesn't make a difference in your life and business, we'll send you a full refund. 

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